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range rover

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Range Rover 1970-1995


hi/lo, full-time 4WD Manually lockable center differential activated by vacuum .

Figure: range rover first generation (599KB)

1983- 1988

hi/lo, full-time 4WD. Manually lockable center differential mechanically(50/50 power split).

Range Rover 1989-1995 classic

hi/lo, full-time 4WD, Morse chain instead of 3 gears , viscous coupling integrated into the center diff with 50/50 power split

1993 rear traction control was added

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Range Rover 1994-2002

Full-time all wheel drive with viscous control unit in the center and traction control (ETC).

Figure: range rover second generation (549KB)

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Range Rover 2002-...


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Range Rover Evoque AWD 2011-...

Haldex generation IV? proactive automatic all wheel drive. Normally a front wheel drive vehicle. Terrain Response system which adjusts engine torque, all wheel drive and traction control systems operation based on the program selected by driver.

Figure: Terrain Response system switch on Range Rover Evoque AWD (134KB)

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February 09, 2017 - 18:09

The Evoque's starting in production year 2014 with the Active Driveline system replaced the Haldex AWD in favor of the GKN designed system...


October 01, 2013 - 23:32

2002-2005 (BMW) Range Rover uses a torsen type center differential, locked in low range, front and rear are open with traction control.
2006-2012 (Jaguar) Range Rover uses a conventional differential and an electronically controlled clutch-pack that serves both as LSD and locker in low mode.

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