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323 GTX 1986-1992

1.6 4wd Turbo - full-time all wheel drive with planetary gear center differential, electrically lockable via a button on the console. Open differentials front and rear.

1.8 4wd - full-time all wheel drive with viscous-coupling limited slip planetary gear center differential, multi-plate type limited-slip differentials front and rear.

Before 1990: Torque split in normal conditions 50/50.

From 1990: Torque split in normal conditions 43/57 (for a rear-wheel-drive feel) could be varied to 60/40.

More information: http://www.mazdafun.com/bf%20drive%20train.htm

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626 4wd

GD 1989-1992 Full-time all wheel drive. Viscous coupling center differential. Source

GE 1992-1997 Full-time all wheel drive. Viscous coupling center differential. Limited slip differential rear. For Japanese market. Source

GF 1997-2002 ?? for Japanese market

Figure: mazda 626 (123KB)

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6 MPS (MAZDASPEED6 in the U.S.)

"Active Torque Split" proactive automatic all wheel drive. Normally front-wheel drive vehicle. Electronically controlled multiplate electromagnetic clutch transfers up to 100% of torque to the rear when needed. Limited-slip differential in the rear.

The MAZDASPEED6 with advanced AWD system analyzes real-time data on steering angle, yaw rate, lateral G-force and engine status to establish up-to-minute road surface conditions, and the vehicle's dynamic status. Normal, Sport, and Snow modes give the perfect amount of torque where it is most needed, and have a performance reaction that leaves conventional gear- or fluid-controlled systems in the dust. Front/rear torque distribution varies from 100/0 to 50/50.

Source: www.mazdausa.com

Figure: Mazda 6 MPS front differential (180KB)

Figure: Mazda 6 MPS rear differential (120KB)

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Proactive automatic all wheel drive. What differentiated this system at the time of its release is that it assesses the same things most AWD systems do such as wheel speed, engine rotations per minute, gear positioning, and accelerator input. However, on top of these measures, Mazda’s system also monitors windshield wiper use, the vehicle’s internal and external temperature, brake fluid pressure, yaw sensors, steering inputs, and other conditions to make the system’s responses more predictive to the surrounding conditions. Mazda says these inputs are assessed more than 200 times per second by 27 different sensors to determine how much torque to transfer to each axle. Normally 98% Front / 2% Rear torque split 1st generation. 2022+ models feature rear disconnect. Source: https://driving.ca/features/feature-story/driven-wheels-what-separates-mazdas-old-and-new-awd-systems Electronically controlled multiplate electromagnetic clutch.

Figure: Mazda CX-5 rear differential and multiplate torque transfer clutch (110KB)

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Figure: mazda cx 7 (437KB)

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j & e autos
August 07, 2015 - 14:37

,,,,,i own a 94 gd capella awd auto converted to awd manual..
and im running a 2.0 fe3 with gd manual gearbox in a 93 gtr 323 on the factory ecu,,contemplating rotary conversion

August 24, 2012 - 15:52

For Mazda CX-5:
Part of that Skyactiv tech on the CX-5 included a newly-developed all-wheel drive system that weighed 44% less (48 lbs.) than the previous unit and, said Mazda, reduced energy loss by up to 52% through ‘controlled torque distribution.’

So, CX-5 has improved AWD system compering to CX7/CX9



Reply to Miki
August 24, 2012 - 16:04

correction: AWD system weights (86lbs./ 39 kg)


July 05, 2012 - 02:49

i'm looking for mazda 3 all wheel drive.
u can help me?
please email to me.

July 26, 2011 - 16:17

Both estates (station wagons), the 626 and 323 in 4WD where very rare, I have seen about 10 years ago a 626 4WD and have owned a 323 4WD. Unfortunatly I dont have any pictures of that vehicule and I've searched the web and never found one either.
If anyone finds dobleepedentations, catalogues places or countries where they were comercialized and number of cars issued, please feed back.
Thank you.

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