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Yukon Denali, XL Denali, Sierra Denali

Full-time all wheel drive system with free differentials.

Do you own Gmc Yukon Denali, Xl Denali, Sierra Denali? Can you please make a photo of the car's 4x4 transmission, switches, dashboard lights, etc. and send it to ?

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February 17, 2023 - 23:01

OMG! I have a 97 GMC SAFARI diagnosed with a bad rear differential and have install 3 rear axle assemblies (used) and returned each. The last one seemed to be the best but still when turning slowly something was locking up and seemed to be some skidding and a loud clunk from the rear drivetrain. All the axle assemblies seemed to performed badly but differently but I don't know if additional problems like bad bearings, etc were red herrings, lots of noise, but they all had the symptoms I first described Im sure of. I told the story to the guy at the last Used Parts I bought an assembly from and he called a transmission friend wbleepedsaid the problem was really the transfer case.
If I now understand that situation just like the rear differential allows for the rear wheels to turns at different speeds the transfer case is allows the front and rear axles to turn at different speeds and THIS is the real problem. He says Ive been changing the wrong parts. After reading your post I am beginning to suspect he is correct. If so I will have to buy a transfer case and Pay to have it installed because I think that is beyond this shade tree mechanics ability. Any truck right now has value and after putting front end parts and exhaust on a very good running truck I feel I cant cut bait which I why I decided to replace rear axle myself and not pull the plug. There is NO info out there on -Is the problem your rear differential OR is it your transfer case? Hear me Youtube!!?

December 02, 2016 - 01:58

I have a 2004 Yukon XL that is AWD (button selections are 4lo, awd, stability). Recently it has started having an issue. At low speed turns, parking stalls etc, it acts like it is in 4wd. This is my first awd, so describing the issue can only be related to driving a 4wd on concrete. The tires screetch and seem to "roll over" themselves. I have read a lot of possible scenarios. What type of AWD is the Yukon? Shop wants to replace the transfer case. The vehicle also has what i see to be a common issue with the wheel speed sensors where the abs wants to kick in for now reason, usually when starting from a dead stop. I am replacing the front hubs and speed sensors now, hoping to resolve the ABS issue and possibly the transfer case issue? What tells the transfer case to allow the front wheels to spin at low speeds?

V Payne
September 21, 2016 - 01:32

Are the brake line system the same with all wheel drive GMC Sierra and 4 wheel drive? When I look up brake lines I have a choice of 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive. never all wheel drive.

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