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Figure: fiat campagnola 1101 (769KB)

Figure: fiat campagnola 1107 (131KB)

Have you seen a better description of Fiat Campagnola in a paper magazine? Can you please scan it or take a photo and send it to ?


Figure: fiat ducato (152KB)

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Panda I 4x4 (1983-2003)

Part-time all wheel drive. Rear axle engaged manually by the driver using the lever located between the seat.

The Panda 4x4 was launched in June 1983, it was powered by a 965 cc engine with 48 bhp (36 kW) derived from that in the Autobianchi A112. Known simply as the Panda 4x4, this model was the first small, transverse-engined production car to have a 4WD system. The system itself was manually selectable, with an ultra-low first gear. Under normal (on-road) conditions starting was from second, with the fifth gear having the same ratio as fourth in the normal Panda. Austrian company Steyr-Puch supplied the entire drivetrain (clutch, gearbox, power take-off, three-piece propshaft, rear axle including differential and brakes) to the plant at Termini Imerese where it was fitted to the reinforced bodyshell.

Source: Wikipedia

Figure: fiat panda 4x4 (482KB)

Figure: fiat panda 4x4 (971KB)

Figure: fiat panda 4x4 rear axle (54KB)

Figure: fiat panda 4x4 gearbox and power transfer to the rear axle (378KB)

Figure: fiat panda 4x4 inclinometer (147KB)

Figure: fiat panda 4x4 logo (117KB)

Do you own Fiat Panda I 4X4 (1983-2003)? Can you please make a photo of the car's 4x4 transmission, switches, dashboard lights, etc. and send it to ?

Panda II 4x4 (2003-2012)

GKN viscous coupling up to June 2008, being in fact a Ferguson viscous coupling, produced under license by GKN.

Since July 2008 the viscous coupling was replaced by a Magna-Steyr electro-hydraulic coupling similar to Haldex

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Punto Maggiora

Figure: fiat punto maggiora (1208KB)

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Same as Lancia Dedra and Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 except for manually locking rear differential instead of Torsen(??? unverified)

Figure: fiat tempra (86KB)

Figure: fiat tempra (87KB)

Figure: fiat tempra transsmision (103KB)

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August 14, 2010 - 15:54
Fiat panda 4x4 (old )

Anyone got any pictures from manuals or anything for old fiat panda 4x4 with 965ccm and 1108ccm engines?

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