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Chrysler 300C (Dodge Charger SXT AWD)

Up to 2008 - Magna Steyr MS140 transfer box with Full time all wheel drive, 38/62 torque split front to rear.

From 2009 and on - Automatic AWD using a Borg-Warner 44-40 transfer box and front axle disconnect for MPG.

The front axle will connect under a list of conditions but this does not yet send power to the front, it only prepares for power to be applied. Those conditions are:

- Any recent wheel spin

- Wipers active

- Outside temperatures below 40F

- Traction control set to partial off.

- Transmission in Auto Stick/paddle shifter mode.

The rear axle is always directly coupled to the transmission output in all modes all the time.

Once the front axle disconnect is engaged torque is applied to the front axle only when a rear tire slips via a computer controlled clutch that engages the front driveline.

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February 26, 2020 - 05:56

2014 dodge charger police car v8 awd. and it will throw u back in your set with no mods, at 56k miles front carer case pion bariengs is makeing a noise and effecking driveing its putting a drag on car, then lets go not the front wheel hubs bouth was change out, it did have bad passager side axel beleave what damage the barieings but cant find no one would repair it, in fack u cant even get one they so back order, i did find one off a 2016 25k miles, vin mach up perfick 200,00 450 to replace dealer ship 3500.00 throw we not 100 percent shure but cant be, as throws no codes, some times we just got filp the dice hopes we right, noise drag on bouth front wheels but not rear wheels and noise in front of car surjest that barring going out, car makes noise weather its in awd or not, and my understanding it has two fromt wheel discontects one in front and one in trasfer case, this car is unlike any thing u can buy and far under price, no one understands that there was over 10k in mods the dealership made to make theses cars and they sold them at discount as they was fleat cars and no one understands how these cars can prrrrr om they dam fast , i more willing replace front case or shall i say have some one replace it, i may end up trading it but dont want to as i know car is worth far more then any dealer will give me, most people think they all hack up, we replace hole run of wire with new cables wires was tap in to for, so we just replace them, but i know this car been wired for every option but was it , i love know if all the difrent feachers can be installed in it like adapted cruse control , lan departur back up assentence from what i told all this stuf wire is in place for, but i find nothing no where where people ack did these kids of upgrades, any one know anything about how to do these kinds upgrades where get parts from love know

March 20, 2013 - 13:40

Can a 06 Chrysler Pacifica 4wd be tested on the roller machine at local inspection station. When the test was done the inspector called me under the car to observe a streaming oil leak. I trailered the car to the dealer and they told me the transfer case and transmission was damaged. The car only has 47,000 miles on it. There was no leak prior to the inspection. Could the inspection by rolling the front wheels while the rears were stationary on the ground. The reverse was done for the rear wheels. I would like to file a claim against the inspection station but need professional help to prove my case. Thank you

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